Acne around Jawline and Neck

Acne can occur anywhere on your body. The most common sites are the face and neck region, probably because these areas are exposed to surroundings, and you touch your face many times a day no matter how hard you try not to.

Today we will talk about the acne around your jawline and neck area. Many people are facing this issue and don’t know the reason behind it and how to cure it. Acne which appears upon the jawline is usually solid, not pus-filled bumps. You can get rid of them if you treat them in a proper way and avoid picking them.

 Causes of Acne around Jawline:

Acne around the jawline and neck is often termed hormonal acne. The acne breakouts are due to clogging of pores due to excessive oil or dirt or dead skin cells.

The acne around the jawline is mainly due to excessive oil production, which is due to hormonal imbalance hence termed as hormonal acne, stress, or due to some medications.

In the ratio of males to females, females are tend to be more prone to jawline acne. This acne is due to the raised level of a male hormone which stimulates the gland to produce more oil.

There is also a medical condition known as polycystic ovarian syndrome, which can also have a presentation of acne due to raised level of some hormones.

How To Prevent or Stop Acne Breakout Around Jawline and Chin?

There are many ways to prevent the breakout if you keep a check on them and follow them properly, it includes:

1.  Don’t touch your face:

Don’t touch you face

Don’t touch your face

Your hands touch various surfaces and have bacteria on them. Excessive touching of your face will transfer those bacteria from your hands to face, which will eventually lead to clogging of pores and acne breakouts. So minimizing your hands touching your face will prevent breakouts.

2.  Wipe your cellphone screen:

Wipe your cellphone screen

Wipe your cellphone screen

Same as touching your face, answering phone calls with bacteria on your phone may give the same effect. It is better to wipe your phone’s screen at least daily to prevent this bacterial transfer and acne breakout.

3.  Avoid taking stress:

Avoid taking stress

Avoid taking stress

Stress leads to the production of stress hormones which contributes to acne formation. Cortisol is a stress hormone that will stimulate oil production from the glands. So don’t stress out if you want clearer skin. Stressing over acne will only make it worse.

4.  Cleansing and Exfoliation:

Cleansing and Exfoliation

Cleansing and Exfoliation

We know that acne is due to clogged pores. Cleanse your face and exfoliate it to remove all the dirt and dry skin cells from the clogged pores. Exfoliation with chemicals like glycolic acid and lactic acid is more effective.

5.  Tie your hair up before work out:

Tie your hair up before work out

Tie your hair up before work out

Working outcomes with sweating, and if you have open hair that touches your face, it can make the situation worse. Tie them up and cleanse your skin after working out with a mild cleanser, preferably with salicylic acid in it.

6.  Cut out on your dairy:

Cut out on your dairy

Cut out on your dairy

Some studies revealed that dairy is linked with acne problems. Regardless of how and in what form you are in taking dairy, it might lead to acne breakout. If you are on your way to clear acne from your face, skipping on dairy is a step in between.

7.  Eliminate sugar:

Eliminate sugar

Eliminate sugar

Eating food higher in glucose will affect your acne or might worsens the one you already have. Processed foods and baked items with higher sugar content are something you need to avoid if you don’t want acne flare-ups.

8.  Take some oral probiotics:

Take some oral probiotics

Take some oral probiotics

Our skin acne flares are directly or indirectly linked with our gut health. Maintaining your gut with probiotics is also necessary so that the level of GI bacteria can be maintained.

9.  Consult a gynecologist:

Consult a gynecologist

Consult a gynecologist

If your acne is because of your hormonal imbalance, you should consult a gynecologist too. They will prescribe you better medications after running tests for your hormonal levels.

How to Treat Jawline Acne?

Topical treatments for jawline acne are the same as the other acne. With some skincare and medicated treatment, you can get rid of this.

  1. Wash and cleanse your face daily with a cleanser suitable for your skin type.
  2. Try some home remedies which contain aloe vera, tea tree oil, turmeric, or green tea extracts.
  3. For medicated treatment, you can use topical antibiotic creams or gels. You can also go for retinoids or benzoyl peroxide.

Some tips to prevent acne:

  1. Don’t scrub your face when you have acne flare on your face.
  2. Pat dry your face, don’t rub it off.
  3. Avoid tight chin straps from helmets and wash your face after wearing a helmet.
  4. Use shave lotion before you shave.
  5. Use makeup products that are tagged as noncomedogenic.
  6. Do not pop your pimple. Popping a pimple with your hands will only make it worse, and you will end up with a scar.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Which hormone is responsible for jawline acne?

The hormonal acne is mainly because of the rising in male hormone, that is, androgen. It increases the oil production from the glands; the excessive oil clogs the pores, which leads to acne breakouts.

Q. Which food item will trigger hormonal acne?

Some food items are not good for you if you don’t want acne flares. Food items that you should avoid include:

  • Chocolates
  • Fast food
  • Sugars
  • Dairy products

Q. How does hormonal acne presents?

Hormonal acne usually occurs in the age of late teens or early 20s. It appears as red and tender inflammatory papules on your jawline and chin area.

Q. Which vitamins are helpful for acne?

All the antioxidants, including vitamin A, C, and E, are good for acne. Vitamin D and zinc are also thought to be effective for it.


Acne around the jawline and neck appear mainly due to hormonal imbalance. You can prevent this acne breakout with some tips and can use medicated treatment to get rid of it. Taking care of your diet is the first step forward which helps in prevention. Follow the tips and get clearer skin.

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