Are You Using Touchscreens? This Is Something You Must Know!

Touchscreen devices have become a new normal in today’s world. More than half of the things are now just a touch away with your phone in your hand or tablet on your desk. Everyone is linked with touchscreens these days, even the kids. It is not just coupled with office work or education but has become a source of entertainment.

Outcomes of using the touchscreen:

If you spend plenty of time on a cell phone or a tablet, you may feel soreness and cramping in the fingers, wrist, and forearm after extensive tech use. It seems that distracted driving and walking aren’t the only dangers behind touchscreen devices. Moreover, most people do not know these perils exist.

Ailments due to touchscreen usage:

The following are those categories of ailments that are dangerous and injurious to health:

Repeated motion injuries

Also known as repetitive stress injuries (RSIs), these injuries are caused by repeated large or small movements that affect joints, muscles, tendons, and nerves. For instance, if you regularly use your thumbs to type text messages on cell phones, you may develop the Quervain syndrome. It is a painful problem for the tendons that move the thumb.

Diseases caused by unnatural postures and forces

These disorders are related to RSIs and occur when people use their bodies in ways that encourage physical stress, including titling the hands too far inward or outward while tapping or forcing the wrists while typing. The most prevalent disease in this group is carpal tunnel syndrome. It occurs from pressure on the median nerve in the wrist.


While sitting in front of the computer, many people struggle to read computer monitors. It can cause problems, such as ”computer vision syndrome.” Its symptoms include eye pain or redness, blurred double vision, and headaches. Using your mobile phones excessively, especially in dim light, also stresses your eye and leads to strain.

Tips for prevention:

We know that we need to move with the world, but we should also take care of our health. There are some tips that you should consider for precaution and saving yourself from stress later on:

  1. Take breaks from your device, or if you can, stay away from it. People shouldn’t be slaves to machines.
  2. Set your screen time, and don’t exceed it; make your health a priority.
  3. You can give your fingers a break from typing and use the voice-to-text feature on your phone.
  4. Also, you can try typing with a stylus to reduce the repetitive motion of your thumb.
  5. Type with the other hand, too, so the one hand isn’t doing the whole work.
  6. Another option is to put your phone on a table and type from there. When the phone is at rest, you are not going to irritate your hand too much.
  7. It is advisable not to use the same muscles for other activities. Playing video games is not a good idea after texting.

Stretches for pain due to excessive phone usage:

Here are some easy stretches you can do at home if you feel pain:

  1. Apply heat or cold to the painful area. It is better to apply cold because heat can cause swelling and more pain.
  2. Stretch your arm out and extend the hand backward, stretching the muscles.
  3. Massage the tightness and nodules. Use your fingers and press down on the forearm, moving up and down to search for nodules. They occur when the muscles go into spasm.
  4. Stretch on your own by putting your hands together in a prayer-type gesture, and hold it for a few
  5. Stretch your hand back and pull your fingers gently towards yourself while your arm is turned upside-down.
  6. Flex your hand forward. Turn your wrist down and pull your fingers down and toward yourself.

Additionally, these injuries can lead to arthritis in adults who type or work with their hands-on assembly lines.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

Are touchscreens bad for health?

Excessive use of everything is harmful, and the same goes for touchscreens. It will cause stress linked injuries to your eyes, joints, and posture.

Are touchscreen worth it?

Touchscreens, especially on your mobile phones, connect you to the world, making it easy to do the tasks and stay connected. They are a bit expensive, but you can get all in one device.

What should be the screen time for adults?

Recommended screen time keeping health in mind is only 2 hours for adults. However, people usually spend 11 hours in front of their screens due to office works and personal usage.

Can excessive phone usage cause anxiety?

Studies suggest that extra phone usage can lead to sleep problems, which will ultimately lead to anxiety and depression, especially in teens and young adults.


Using your phones more than the recommended time will lead to problems in the long term that you don’t realize now. It might affect your physical and mental health. Take care of the tips and precautions to limit the effects caused by touchscreens.


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