Does Vaping Cause Acne?

“Every time you vape, you are decreasing the oxygen supply to your face.”

When you don’t find the effect of something directly, you usually don’t think of its effects and consequences. The same goes for vaping and its relation to acne. Health concerns are directly linked with vaping and rising, but researches are yet to be done. Acne is a skin issue that can be caused or stimulated due to any harmful toxin or pollution.

What is Vaping?

Vaping means using an electronic cigarette. It is like tobacco smoking but contains an atomizer and power by a battery. In vaping, you inhale and exhale the vapor which is produced by the device. This vapor does not have tobacco in it but contains nicotine and vegetable glycol with propylene glycol and flavour.

In 2018 the count of vapers in the world was 41 million. The count is now increasing day by day without realizing the health concerns prevailing in society due to this electronic cigarette.

Although vaping is safer than smoking, it is still leaving health concerns to our bodies.

Does Vaping Cause Acne?

Coming to the point, the link between vaping and acne. We will look through it and see the truth behind it.

When people were questioned about the link between vaping and acne, some people said one thing while others were opposite.

A group said that they develop acne after they have started vaping, while the other group said they didn’t notice any skin changes.

The relation between Smoking, Vaping, and Acne:

This relation is again different for different people.

  • Some people said that their acne reduced when they switched from smoking to vaping. The reason might include that the tobacco content which was previously provoking acne is not present in vape.
  • While on the other hand, some people say that they had their first-ever breakout after using a vape.

Location Of acne caused by Vaping?

Usually, the acne caused by using vape is around the chin and mouth. One possible reason for this acne might be that the person using a vape touches the pipe in this area while smoking, which can ultimately lead to acne in the chin and mouth area.

Other Health and Skin Issues with Vape Usage:

Using vape is not only predisposing to acne but also some health concerns are linked with vaping, including:

  1. Dryness – vaping is linked to worsening your dryness further if you already have dry skin. When the chemicals touch your skin, they directly produce dryness and damage the membrane, eventually leading to dry and flaky skin.
  2. Speed Up the Aging – vaping will speed up the skin aging process and the signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. It is believed that the chemicals present in the vapor alter the structure of collagen, which is present in our skin.
  3. Eye irritation – some people cannot tolerate the chemicals in the e-cigarette, and it affects their eyes.
  4. Abdominal problem – people using it for the first time might get some abdominal problems like pain and cramps
  5. Nausea or Vomiting – vaping chemicals contain nicotine, which might lead to nausea and severe vomiting.
  6. Organ Damage – the vaping machine has a coil that heats up when used and emits out some metallic content, including lead, zinc, nickel, etc. Long term use of vaping will affect your organs and will provide a toxic effect.
  7. Dehydration – the vape contents contain propylene glycol. It is a dehydrator, especially for your skin. Prolong usage will leave you with dehydrated skin.

Prevention From Acne:

There are a few things which you can do to prevent acne breakouts:

  1. Avoid vaping if it is causing you breakouts.
  2. Don’t touch or keep the vape near your face.
  3. Avoid taking stress as it will precipitate it more.
  4. Cleanse your skin daily and hydrate it regularly.

How to help your skin?

If you try everything out, the results suggest that your acne is vaping and doesn’t resolve. The only option to help your skin out is to quit vaping. No other remedy will help your acne if you will not stop the stimulation, which is causing it.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does nicotine cause acne?

A study suggests that people who smoke are more prone to get acne than those who don’t smoke. So directly or indirectly, yes, nicotine is linked with smoking.

Q. Can vaping cause dermatitis?

Some people reported contact dermatitis after the use of vape. Studies then revealed that the heating metal coil in vape causes nickel release, which is responsible for dermatitis.

Q. Can you get skin itching after vaping?

Yes, vaping can lead to skin itching due to multiple reasons:

  • Vaping makes your skin dry; dryness on the skin will lead to itching.
  • It can cause acne, and you might feel itchy before acne breakout.
  • You might get an allergic reaction to propylene glycol present in the vape chemicals, which will lead to allergic symptoms, including itching.


Vaping is a newer method, and research on it is still in process, but it comes to its relation with acne. The researchers suggest that there are people who complained about acne breakouts after the use of vape. It also causes dryness and aging effects on your face and skin.

The only way to help your skin out is the acne doesn’t resolve is to quit vaping.

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