Eat Guava for 3 Days, See What Happens

Guava might only be just another fruit for you, or you might be one of those who like to have guava smoothies or take it as an exotic fruit. You might have never thought this much about it, but one day when you pass by the guava stall in the grocery store, you stop and thought of what is this fruit all about?

Well, keep reading, and you will know a lot about this mystical fruit and the benefits it will provide if you incorporate it into your daily routine.

I am sure after this, guava will be on your grocery list to shop next weekend.

What is Guava?


Guava is an edible fruit that came to us from the tropical region. It has a yellow or light green covering, and the inside softer fleshy part is white, pink, or red. The seeds are small and in the middle and provide various good health outcomes.

Nutritional Value of Guava:

Guava is full of nutrients and healthy ingredients.

  • It is low in calories.
  • Guava is a highly rich source of dietary fibers.
  • This amazing fruit has a high level of antioxidants, including vitamin C and vitamin A. it also contains flavonoids like lycopene; they are all antioxidants.
  • In the range of vitamins, guava also has B-complex vitamins and vitamin E and K.
  • Not only the vitamins, guava are a rich source of potassium as well.

Benefits Of Guava If You Start Taking It Daily:

People are getting more concerned about their health and diet these days. This article will help you incorporate guava in your diet too when you come to know about its benefits too.

Apart from the healthy nutritional values it has, guava gives you the following benefits:

1.  Protect Your Heart:

Guava has nutrition that is healthy for your heart and protects you from a higher level of cholesterol. They control the blood sugar level by keeping a hypoglycemic effect and will give your heart protection from an ischemic injury.

2.  Anti-Cancer Effect:

Guavas are a rich source of antioxidants. Antioxidants in our body fight with the free radicals and neutralize their effects. These free radicals are usually cancer-causing.

3.  Give Your Immunity System a Boost:

This amazing fruit helps to improve your immunity system. It has vitamin C, which gives your immunity a stronger effect against all the toxic materials affecting us. It will help in detoxifying your body.

4.  Good For Diabetic Patient:

Guava or guava juice is a perfect choice for a diabetic patient. It keeps your sugar level in control. Usually, many fruits are not allowed in diabetes due to their higher glycemic index but this a fruit that gives a hypoglycemic effect and keeps the sugar level in a normal range.

5.  Visual Health and Improvement:

Vitamin A is the role player here. We all know that vitamin A helps with vision, and to our surprise, guava has it too. Regular guava intake decreases the chance of night blindness and nourishes your retina.

6.  Prevents Skin Aging:

There is a list of antioxidants that are present in guava. These antioxidants are helpful in reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and giving anti-aging effect.

7.  Good For Oral Health:

Guava fights with the bacteria in your oral cavity, improving the health, and it is also helpful for toothaches.

So these are some great health benefits which you can get by adding guava to your daily diet. Start in today, and you will notice the difference in a few days.

8.  Healthy Gut Motility:

Guava is rich in fibers. Eating it daily improves your bowel habit and improves the health of the gut. Taking one guava a day can fulfill the requirement of 12% fibers of your daily recommended value.

Ways Of Eating Or Serving Guava:

You can enjoy this yummy fruit in various ways. Using them differently will maintain your interest in this mystical fruit.

Remember to wash them first, in cold running water; you can enjoy it with its skin, just trim the ends. Some ways of eating or serving guava includes:

  • Eat it as it is. This fresh guava will give you all the natural taste, and you will love the flavor it has when it is fresh.
  • You can also make juice of this yummy fruit, which will be as delicious as the fruit is. Guava juice is a popular drink in many areas.
  • You can slice the guava and use it in the fruit salad too. It will add a great touch to your salad.
  • This fruit or its flesh is also used in some dessert preparations.
  • It is also used for making jams and jellies.
  • You can also eat it by cutting it into slices and sprinkle some seasoning like salt or black pepper on it. Believe me; it will taste great.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Question:

Q. Is it healthy to eat guava seeds?

Guava seeds are totally edible; you can just wash the guava and eat it fully. The seeds do not provide any sort of harm or health issue.

Q. Can a kidney disease patient eat guava?

Guava is amazing in its properties. A patient with kidney diseases can easily consume this fruit and enjoy the taste of it. It is low in potassium like other fruits, including apple or strawberries. It is also helpful in maintaining sugar and blood pressure, so one can easily include it in the diet even if they have a kidney problem.

Q. Can guava help in hair growth?

Guava leaves are effective in hair growth as it is rich in vitamin C and helps in boosting collagen activity. Vitamin B in the guava and guava leaves helps in giving strength to the hair strands.

Q. When should we take guava green tea?

Guava leave tea is recommended to take before meals on an empty stomach. It helps in weight loss and prevents sugar formation from complex carbohydrates.


Guava is a wonder fruit, providing you with lots and lots of benefits. Adding it to your daily dietary intake will benefit you in numerous ways, from heart health to immunity boost. There is a lot that guava can do. We hope that after knowing all about this great fruit, you will surely buy it on your next trip to the grocery store.

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