Keto Chinese Food

Fond of Chinese food but want something keto in it? Making keto dishes is a bit tougher than preparing another keto meal. But not to worry, as we have got you covered for your keto diet and fulfilling your Chinese craving.

So the good news is you can enjoy Chinese even when you are on keto. But you need to be a little cautious not to go out of ketosis.

Carbohydrates and Sugars In Chinese Food:

Chinese cuisine is really high in carbohydrates. The staple items in Chinese food are rice, noodles, or dumplings.

All these are rich in carbohydrates; not only this, all the sauces and coating are rich in sugars and carbs too. Even the normal dish which looks keto-friendly, like vegetables or meat, might be full of carbs because of the coatings.

You can look at the examples to get the idea.

  • Meat – meat is usually coated with corn starch before it is being cooked. In some cases, sugar is also used to give the glaze effect.
  • Soup – starch is usually added to thicken the soup.
  • Sauce – sugar and corn starch are present in almost all sauces.

So it is not only the rice giving you the carbs while eating Chinese; it’s almost everything.

Low Carb Chinese Food To Order:

Going to a Chinese restaurant while you are on a keto diet can give you trouble. Usually, restaurants present food with a lot of sugar-coated ingredients. But the good news is that there are a few options which you can take without ruining your diet. The Szechuan dishes are usually lower in carbs and will be suitable for keto. The options might include:

  1. Beef and broccoli
  2. Egg drop soup
  3. Mu shu pork
  4. Steamed meat and greens
  5. Mongolian barbeque

And as for sauces, you can go for garlic sauce, soy sauce, or vinegar.

Another option to go for while eating in a Chinese restaurant is Hot Pot or buffet. As for them, you can choose lower carbs items and limit your portion of the plate.

Tips and tricks to ordering keto Chinese food:

There are some tips that you can follow while ordering your food so that you can limit the maximum carbs intake and not ruin your ketosis.

1.  Avoid sugar and starchy food items:

sugar and starchy

sugar and starch

First things first, you need to avoid the food items which you are sure of that contain the sugar and carbs in them. You should not order sweet or sour pork, prawn crackers, orange chicken, or roasted duck. For everything that is loaded with sugar, you have to avoid ordering it in the first place.

2.  Ask not to add the sauce to the meal:



As you know that all the sauces used in Chinese food are very sugary, or they have corn starch in them, it is better not to include them in the meal. Instead, ask them to give you a keto-friendly sauce separately. So that you can limit the intake.

3.  Don’t feel shy to ask about nutritional information:

nutritional information

nutritional information

It is ok to ask about the ingredients added to the dish and the total nutritional value of the deal. They can help you know the total carbs so that you can eat the amount which is suitable for you.

4.  Explain what you want:

Don’t be demanding, but explain your requirements humbly and tell the ingredients you would not like to add to your meal due to the dietary restrictions. Help them out with the list of things you want and don’t want, and appreciate it if they are kind enough to help you out with that.

Dishes to avoid:

Dishes that you should actually avoid ordering at a Chinese restaurant are:

  • Breaded meats
  • Egg rolls
  • Rice like egg fried rice
  • Noodles
  • Wontons

And for sauces you should not take the following ones:

  • Oyster sauce
  • Hoisin sauce
  • Duck sauce
  • Plum sauce
  • Sweet or sour sauce

Keto Chinese Food at home:

Now that you want to eat Chinese and craving for Chinese cuisine, but can’t trust the restaurants, and you would not like to come out of ketosis just to fulfil the craving and taste. You can also make keto Chinese food at home. There is a replacement for everything available in the market, which would help you make low carb Chinese food.

The replacements of commonly used items are as follows:

  • Noodles – you can use shirataki noodles, or you can just cut the cabbage into long strips or use zucchini noodles.
  • Rice – as for rice, either uses cauliflower rice or broccoli rice.
  • Sauces – make your sauce without sugar or add sweeteners, which are keto-friendly.

Keto Chinese food items to make at home:

There are many dishes which you can try; I am just mentioning here a few to give you an idea of what you can eat when you want to eat Chinese cuisine on keto.

  1. Keto Sesame Chicken – it is a low carb dish if you properly substitute some items with keto-friendly items like use sesame oil, soy sauce, vinegar, etc.
  2. Kung Pao Chicken – you can also make this dish keto-friendly by using low carb sauces, some seasonings, and to make the sauce thick, xanthan gum can be used.
  3. Mongolian Beef And Broccoli – this dish will suit really well for the keto diet. While making it at home, you can limit all the coatings and sauces and make it the way you like.

This was all you should know if you are on a keto diet and wants to have some Chinese. Either at home or at a restaurant, you can enjoy Chinese cuisine.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can we eat chow Mein in keto diet?

Chow mein has noodles in them, and they are pure carbs; you are not allowed to eat them in the keto.

Q. Is Oyster sauce keto-friendly?

The answer is actually no, as it has carbs in it, and if you are limiting your carbs intake, oyster sauce is not an option for you.

Q. Is ketchup keto?

Ketchup is made up of tomatoes. We know that, but they have a lot of added sugar in them, which makes them unsuitable for the keto.


Keto Chinese food is a bit tricky, but you can enjoy Chinese food if you know all the tips and tricks, either in a restaurant or at home. There are various points to keep in observance while ordering food at a restaurant so that you can stay in ketosis. While cooking at home, everything is in your hand, and you can limit the ingredients and replace them with keto-friendly items.


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