Maracuja Oil – Acne Prone and Dry Skin

Maracuja oil is a new addition to skincare products for people with acne-prone and oily skin. It helps in repairing and provide nourishment to the skin as it has anti-oxidants and vitamin C along with fatty acids.

What is Maracuja Oil?

This oil is used for your dry skin. Rich in high content of fatty acids and vitamin C. it will help you overcome your dry and cracked skin, especially in winters. It not only good for your skin but also your hair and nails.

From where did we get maracuja oil?

The great part of this oil is that it is all-natural and organic. It is extracted out from Passion fruit’s seed. It is found in the Amazon rain forest. We take oil from the seeds and then purify it to use as a skincare product.

Advantages of using maracuja oil:

It is an all in one kind of moil for acne-prone and dry skin. It has a lot of benefits:

1.  Moisturizer:

This oil is rich in fats and works as a great moisturizer for the skin. It rehydrates the skin and makes the skin soft, giving back the nutrition your skin requires. Linoleic acid in this oil helps with the flaky and patchy skin due to dryness.

2.  Makes your skin bright:

One of the active ingredients of this oil is vitamin C. It is a vitamin used for making the skin look radiant and bright. Other ingredients help in giving a healthy look to your skin.

3.  Anti-inflammatory properties:

This oil has these amazing anti-inflammatory properties. This is perfect for the skin, which is acne-prone. It will sooth all the inflammation due to acne, leaving your skin clear and acne-free.

4.  Anti-oxidant properties:

As it is rich in antioxidants, including vitamin C, this oil will help you with its properties of anti-aging and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. This property will also help heal the skin from any previous scar or burn marks.

5.  Good for Hair conditioning:

You already know by now that oil has a high content of fatty acid. This fatty acid is used as conditioning properties. It will make your hair soft and shiny. Maracuja oil will provide all the nourishment required for hair growth.

It also works for dandruff and dry scalp.

6.   Works for Nails:

Maracuja oil will work on your dry cuticles. Applying it to the nails will make the cuticles soft and promote nail growth. It will also make the nails strong with its ingredients.

7.  Stress Relieving Properties:

A great feature on the list of benefits is that this oil can massage the body, and it will help with the muscle spasm. It is soothing to give you a stress-free time and elevates your mood. It is also useful in menstrual cramps as it relieves muscle pain and helps with mood.

8.  Calming properties:

This flower and the oil have some calming and sedating properties, which can be used as a natural remedy to treat insomnia.

How to use Maracuja oil:

On Skin:

To use it on the skin, follow these steps:

  1. First, cleanse your face properly.
  2. Apply your toner
  3. Now apply 2 to 3 drops of maracuja oil and massage it in your skin.

Tip: mixing 2 to 3 drops in your foundation will give you extra hydration.

For Stress:

Massage your neck, back, and chest with a few drops and relax to feel the stress-relieving effects.

When to use Maracuja oil:

You can use this oil daily. Please include it in your skincare routine and enjoy the hydration and acne-free skin.

You can also use it with your moisturizer if you have extra dry skin.

Side Effects:

It does not have any obvious side effects but

  • You should avoid using it in your food products as it can cause stomach upset.
  • It might not suit people having a latex allergy
  • It is not really recommended for pregnant women.

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Maracuja Oil Available On Amazon

After reading all the benefits, wondering where to buy this amazing oil for acne and dry skin, so we brought out some options for you from amazon. From where you can easily buy.

Best Pick

Maracuja Oil by Tarte

  • Give a smooth, radiant look
  • Improve your skin texture
  • Reduce the look of pores
Best Pick

Maracuja Oil by Leven Rose

  • Best for nail care & foot
  • Hydrates chapped skin etc
  • helps in healing of eczema
Best Pick

Maracuja Oil by Botanical beauty

  • Help damaged skin
  • Improves skin’s complexion
  • Reduce wrinkling


1.  Maracuja Oil by Tarte:

Maracuja Oil by Tarte

It is the same oil in the acute serum bottle from Tarte. 50ml bottle with the maracuja oil that will give you a smooth, radiant look. It will also improve your skin texture.

2.  Maracuja Oil By Leven Rose:

Maracuja Oil by Leven Rose

It is another option of maracuja oil, which you can put your hands on. It is a lot cheaper than the oil from Tarte, but there are no such complaints about the product. People use it as their skincare routine.

3.  Maracuja Oil by Botanical beauty:

MARACUJA OIL. 100% Pure / Natural.

A 15 ml serum bottle of maracuja oil with all the natural ingredients. It will be a great addition to your skincare bring in all its important and beneficial properties. It is offered by botanical beauty, and this is also a cheaper option to buy.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

Should we use maracuja oil before moisturizer or after it?
You can either use the oil before the moisturizer so that it can sets in the skin properly. Or the other option is you can mix it with your moisturizer.
Is maracuja oil really good for acne-prone skin?
Yes, this oil works well for acne-prone skin. After applying, it gets absorbed in the skin quickly and prevent breakouts. Its anti-inflammatory properties are also useful in terms of acne and oily skin.
Can I use maracuja oil on eyelashes?
This oil is proved to be good for hair. It makes them shiny and increases their volume. It will surely work on your eyelashes, making them shiny and long.



Now you know everything one can know about maracuja oil. This wonder oil is great for oily acne-prone skin and skin, which is dry and cracked. Add it to your skincare routine, and you will not regret as this natural product has a lot of beneficial outcomes. Use it to get an even tone with a radiant glow and healthy, soft, moisturized skin.



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