Protein Powder That Doesn’t Cause Acne

So you are working out these days and spending your great energy n it, side by side, you are in taking protein shake for better results and outcome.

The best part is seeing the changes too, but have you noticed another change on your skin, acne?

Did you notice this newly emerged acne or worsening of the previous acne after start your protein shake? If you are reading here, I guess you guessed it right. You are having acne breakouts because of this protein shake you are having.

So now what? Do you need to work out with the protein shake?

Absolutely not! We are here to help you with the other options. There are some protein shakes out there which doesn’t cause acne. Keep reading to find out.

Why do we use protein powder?

Protein powder is used to make a protein shake. People who work out regularly usually intake protein powder after the workout to build a muscular body.  But the protein powder has some ingredients which can lead to acne, and you will not even realize it soon.

Why do Whey Protein Causes Acne?

Whey protein is usually used for shakes, but it causes acne. Actually, it is a protein powder, and it promotes the production of growth factors.

We have growth factors in our body like insulin-like growth factor 1.

When the level of these growth factors increases more than the recommended amount, they will lead to acne as they also promote the growth of the skin cell.

Which Protein Powder to Choose?

Now that you want to consume protein shake too without its side effect of an acne flare-up, there are some options for you out there; let’s see:

1.  Try Plant-Based Proteins:

As you know that whey protein leads to acne, the best solution is to avoid them and try to consume protein powders that are plant-based so that they will not lead to acne.

2.  Avoid Milk-based Protein Powders:

There are some other proteins powder, which is derived from milk too apart from whey. These powders will also lead to acne breakouts. Not only this, but they can also lead to digestive problems.

3.  Keep The Sugar Low:

When you give your body a boost of sugar, there will be an increased release of insulin, leading to acne.

Many protein powders already have sugar added to them to taste better, but more sugar might lead to acne.

Choose a sugar-free powder, or choose one which gives 5 grams of sugar per 100 grams of powder.

4.  Use Vegan Protein Powder:

Vegan protein powder is much better than whey protein powder. It does not have a growth hormone, so it will not lead to acne. The options of vegan protein powder include:

  • Pea protein
  • Hemp seed protein
  • Chia seed protein
  • Pumpkin seed protein
  • Soy protein

How To Use Protein Powders To Get The Best Results:

Now that you know which protein powder to use, you must also know how to use it to get the best out. The tips are:

  • Don’t complicate it and take it as a normal simple routine.
  • Take them as just another food with a high protein source.
  • Consume it in the shaking form or as prescribed on the container.

Difference Between Whey and Plant-Based Protein

Whey ProteinPlant-Based Protein
Digestion is difficult, especially in lactose-intolerant individuals.Digestion is easy.
Commonly used by people who want to add muscles.Helpful in building lean body muscles.
Lower in nutrients densityHigher in nutrients density.
Higher nutritional profileLower nutritional profile


Are there any side effects of plant-based proteins?

Generally, there are no side effects of plant-based protein powders. They are very user friendly and suits everyone.

Check out the ingredients list, avoid if they have any artificial sweeteners if you are trying to prevent your acne break out, and then it is all safe for you.

As for acne, it is confirmed that plant-based protein powder will not contribute to acne.


If you are working out and taking some protein shakes, your acne is probably because of that. It is preferable to use plant-based protein powders if you want to suppress your acne breakouts. Milk and dairy content and artificial sweeteners also promote acne flares.

If your skin is acne-prone, try some protein powders that suits your skin as well as your body.

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