This Will Make Your Clothes Bright White And Fresh Like Spring

We welcome all those who hate doing the laundry. It is boring, exhausting, and some stains will not go away.

Plus, it is quite hard to find a good detergent which will not cost you a fortune. Well, you can solve your problem with only one ingredient.

Save your money and efforts for something else. Just add a little white vinegar to your washing machine drum.

White Vinegar for Laundry:

Adding white vinegar or apple cider vinegar will help you remove all kind of smell from your clothes. The vinegar also has anti-bacterial properties. Try adding it in your laundry, and you will find some great results out of it.

Reasons To Use White Vinegar:

We give you ten reasons to use white vinegar when doing the laundry.

1.  Increases detergent power:

Add ½ cup white vinegar with your clothes before adding them in the washing machine.

White vinegar will increase the power of your detergent. It will also protect your clothes’ colour.

2.  Work as a fabric softener:

Vinegar can also be used instead of using a fabric softener. Pour some vinegar with the detergent in the detergent compartment of the washing machine.

White vinegar will leave your clothes with the same effect. The only positive difference is that vinegar is softer than the normal softener, and does not harm the environment.

3. Removes deodorant stains:

White vinegar has acid in it, which helps you remove the stains caused by deodorant or sweat, especially on your white clothes.

4. Clear out the detergent residues:

The powdered detergent you use will leave residues on your clothes after you wash them, and it will affect your sensitive skin. To prevent this add ½ a cup of white vinegar with your laundry detergent.

5. Neutralize the smells:

Believe it or not, you can remove the unpleasant smells from your clothes. White vinegar will neutralize the unpleasant smells. Your laundry will not smell like cigarette smoke anymore.

6. Removes stubborn stains:

Vinegar will remove all the stubborn stains out of your clothes. Soak your clothes with stains in a vinegar solution. Add hot water with 1/2 cup of vinegar. Let the clothes soak in that overnight, then wash them in the morning.

You can also spray the stains with a vinegar solution.

7. Remove the animal’s hair:

Sometimes it becomes impossible to remove animal hairs out of some fabrics and clothes. Vinegar will be here to do this for you. You will notice it after using vinegar that your dry clothes will be clean and will have no hairs on them. The acid will actually take care of the static charge on the clothes.

Practice these tips and save your clothes from all kinds of stains and the unpleasant smells.

Other Tips to Whiten Your Clothes:

Apart from vinegar, there are some other tips to make your clothes turn bright, fresh and white again. These tips include:

1.  Use baking soda:

Baking soda will brighten up your clothes naturally. For this, you need to mix one cup of baking soda in about four liters of water. Then put your clothes in it and let them soak for some time. You will find them fresh when you will take them out and rinse them.

This is a home-based remedy as every house must have baking soda and you can turn your clothes back to white without adding any additives.

2.  Use Dishwasher Soap:

You either believe it or not, but this was in front of your eyes, and you never realized it. A dishwasher detergent plays the best role as a whitener when it comes to washing clothes.

Mix some of it with the regular detergent and see the magic.

3.  Dissolve Some Aspirin:

Yes, you read it right. The aspirin you take for headache can actually settle your headache of laundry, especially when it comes to dull white clothes.

Put about 5 pills of aspirin in water. Then add your clothes in it. Let them stay there for a while and then put them in the machine for a spin.

You will notice the difference after the clothes will dry up.

4.  Add some blue:

Yes, this is what older people did, and to our surprise, it really works. Adding a bit of blue coloring in the white clothes laundry will turn them brighter and fights with the yellow stain.

You can easily find a blue agent from a grocery store. Follow the directions written on its label.

5.  Use Hydrogen peroxide:

An ingredient from the medical cabinet can also help you with dull clothes. Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizer that will brighten your clothes up.

Other Tips to Remove Unpleasant Smell:

There are some ways to remove the unpleasant smell from the clothes too:

1.  Use Dryer Sheets:

Put some dryer sheets in between the clothes when you fold them as it will help to absorb the musty smell.

2.  Use Newspaper:

The newspaper also takes up the smell from the clothes, even from the shoes.

3.  Some sunlight and fresh air:

Your clothes also need some fresh air and sunlight to look and smell well. Sunlight will also kill the bacteria giving a smell to your clothes.

4.  Sprinkle some baking soda:

Baking soda is not only a good whitener but also a good sponge that will absorb all the bad odor. Just sprinkle some baking soda on the clothes, especially on the part that is stinking. Baking soda will absorb it all, and you can remove the powder later.

These are some tips and tricks to have bright, fresh clothes and the clothes which smell good and nice.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does it smell bad when I am doing laundry?

The bacteria in your washing machine is making the smell. You need to clean up your washer if you feel like the smell is because of the washer.

Q. Will vinegar helps you with the mildew smell?

Yes, vinegar is a natural method to remove all kind of bad smells from your clothes, including the mildew smell. Vinegar will also kill the bacteria which are causing the smell.

Q. Where to put the vinegar in the washer?

Put the vinegar with the detergent in the detergent compartment of the washing machine to get the desired results.


You can make your clothes bright white and make them fresh like spring again with vinegar. It is a magic ingredient that works in the laundry. You can also use some other cool tips to have bright and odorless clothes too.

Just follow them and have some freshly smelled and bright looking clothes like you just bought them.

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